Interact with an MRC-20 in MetaMask

Now, open MetaMask to add the newly deployed MRC-20 tokens. Before doing so, make sure you have copied the contract's address from Remix. Back in MetaMask, click on “Add Token” as shown below. Make sure you are in the account that deployed the token contract:

Paste the copied contract address into the “Custom Token” field. The “Token Symbol” and “Decimals of Precision” fields should be automatically populated:

Now we can send some of these MRC-20 tokens to the other account that we have set up in MetaMask. Hit “send” to initiate the transfer of 500 MyTokens and select the destination account.

After you press confirm and the deployment is complete, you will see the transaction listed in MetaMask and the contract will appear under Deployed Contracts in Remix:

You will be able then to interact with all methods of your contract:

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