Metaverse ETP Docs

UTXO ETP to VM ETP (Hyperspace/New Frontier) migration

Metaverse original chain, created in 2017, is based on the UTXO model like Bitcoin. Since 2021, the Metaverse Virtual Machine (VM) has been launched in order to allow smart contracts.
This Swap service is a one-way swap from the UTXO chain to the Virtual Machine Chain.
You will not be able to swap back to the UTXO chain.
Most exchanges currently only support the UTXO chain at the moment.
We recommend you only swap the amount of ETP you plan to use in the Metaverse Virtual Machine.
This guide is designed to introduce the swap of UTXO ETP ("old ETP") to VM ETP ("new ETP").
Note this tutorial is based on MyETPWallet.
Make sure you are connected to the Mainnet.
Log in to your wallet and follow the instructions below:
After you have logged in, your ETP wallet should look like this:
Next, click on Identities as shown below:
Once in the Identities tab, you should either see a prompt to create your VM address or the VM address that was created for you automatically. If the VM address was already created for you, you can directly jump to the step Swap UTXO ETP for VM ETP.

Create your VM Address

First, click on Create VM address.
Second, enter your wallet password and click on Generate VM address:
After you have created your VM address, it should appear at the top of your Identities tab as shown below:

Swap UTXO ETP for New ETP

Now that you have created your VM address, you can go to the Swap tab as illustrated below:
In the Swap tab, enter the amount of ETP you would like to transfer to the New Metaverse ETP Chain and click on Next as shown in the image below:
Review the transaction data. Then, enter your password and click on Sign and Send.
If your transaction was successful, you should see a similar notification on your screen and make sure to keep a record of your transaction ID (shown in grey below):
After we complete the swap for you, you simply need to use your current backup words (also called seed phrase) to have access to your ETP in the new MetaverseVM browser extension. We may need up to 12 hours to make sure your ETP has been properly transferred to the new chain. Please download the Metaverse VM extension on Google Chrome.