Stratum V2

Metaverse developers' team has implemented Stratum V2 for the first time on Metaverse Mainnet.

The implementation of Stratum V2 on Metaverse will allow miners to continue mining ETP on the new Metaverse mainnet seamlessly. Indeed, this important piece of infrastructure will ensure backward compatibility with the DaggerHasimoto (POW) algorithm currently used on Metaverse ETP Blockchain. After our mainnet launch, miners will need to make the switch using our Stratum V2 implementation to keep mining rewards. This important upgrade will also allow ETP to be minable on DaggerHash.

We decided to select Stratum V2 for several key reasons:

  • Reduced bandwidth consumption by using binary data and avoiding unnecessary data transfers

  • Efficient cashing to reduce server CPU load

  • Job distribution latency by splitting the prevhash and the rest of the predefined block data

  • Protocol Security through authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD)

  • Enhanced decentralization by allowing miners to select their own transactions

β€Œ N.B.: Please note that we will release Metaverse implementation of Stratum V2 as we release our mainnet and this feature is not available on Betelgeuse testnet.

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