Add Metaverse Smart Tokens (MST) in MetaverseVM Browser wallet


Metaverse Smart Tokens are tokens, which follow a given list of standards and rules (e.g. transfer, transaction approval, token supply, data access, etc.).

MSTs currently exist in two different forms: MRC-20 MSTs and UTXO MSTs. MRC-20 tokens exist in the MetaverseVM while UTXO MSTs exist on the UTXO Chain and can be accessed via MyETP Wallet. MRC-20 tokens and UTXO MSTs exist on two different ledgers. As a result, an asset issued on the UTXO chain will not appear on the MetaverseVM.

Metaverse technical team is working towards a solution to transfer UTXO MSTs to the Metaverse VM as MRC-20 tokens. Once a solution is found, we will advise the Metaverse community on how to proceed with the migration of UTXO MSTs to the new ledger.

In the following guide, we introduce how to add MRC-20 tokens to the MetaverseVM Browser wallet.


First, log in to your MetaverseVM browser wallet by entering your password and click on Unlock.

Next, go to the following website: and click on Connect to MetaverseVM Extension.

Then, click on Next and Connect to connect your wallet to the Brrr dapp. This dapp will allow users to familiarize themselves with the process to add new MRC-20 assets to their MetaverseVM Browser wallet.

First, click on Add token:

Then, click on the Custom Token tab:

Once you see the form above, copy-paste the following address in the Token Contract Address box: 0x40Ef64282A61f7ae4d9a8E2D5a7C05E415B951D3 and click on Next.

Once you arrive on the Add tokens page, click on the Add Tokens.

If you have successfully added BRRR token, you should see the following page in your wallet:

After you have successfully added the BRRR token, click on Click here to make the printer go brrr.

Then, click Confirm in your wallet.

After you confirmed, you should see the following confirmation page.

After your transaction is confirmed, you will see the notification at the bottom.

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