Metaverse ETP Docs

MetaverseVM Browser Extension

First, make sure you are using the latest version of our Browser extension: 0.11.10.
You can find our latest software on Google Chrome.

About Metaverse Browser Plug-in

The Metaverse Browser plug-in is a solution inspired by Metamask, which allows our users to interact with Metaverse Virtual Machine in a seamless manner. It is based on the latest MIT licensed code of MetaMask.
This guide assumes you are using our Chrome extension.


This tutorial explains both how to create a wallet and how to import a wallet.

Create a Wallet

First, click on the Add to Chrome button.
Then, click on the Add Extension button.
Next, click on Get Started.
After doing so, you should now see the page below and click on Create a Wallet.
You will first need to create a password as shown below. After you are done, check the box next to "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Use" and click on the Create button.
You will then see the Secret Backup Phrase page. This is the most important step because your secret backup phase is the only way to recover your assets. Your secret backup phrase could also be used to steal your digital assets.
Simply click on the lock and follow the tips to save your backup phrase.
Once you are done with this, complete the puzzle to confirm you are the owner of the backup phrase.
CONGRATULATIONS! You are done with the set up of your Metaverse browser plug in. Please carefully read the tips, make sure to add Metaverse to your favorite plug-ins and test that your Metaverse plug-in is operational.
To add Metaverse plug-in to your favorite plug-in, first click again on the Extension button.
Click on the pin button next to the application called Metaverse.
After this, you should be able to see the Metaverse plug-in in your browser as shown below.
Congratulations! You can now start using MetaverseVM Browser wallet.

Import a wallet

If you already have a New Metaverse wallet (most MyETPWallet users should have one already), you can simply import it in the following manner.
First, click on the Import Wallet button.
Enter your seed phrase and password. Make sure you have ticked the box next to "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use." Finally, click on the Import button.
Congratulations! You should now see your ETP balance after clicking on the All Done button.